3 Day Event Pass (w/ tent camping) - 2018 Mountain Bike Fest

3 Day Event Pass (w/ tent camping) - 2018 Mountain Bike Fest

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Participant Info

Required for packet pickup

2018 BRBF at Markham Park

Private Event for Ticket Holders Only!

Markham trails will be closed for festival!  Camping is optional. 

Rain or Shine!  

Fri, Jan 26th at 4pm - early camp setup
Sat, Jan 27th at 7am - official start
Sun, Jan 28th at 3pm - end

Includes the following:

  • 1 Single Person Event Pass (includes camping)
  • 1 Catered Dinner
  • Free Gourmet Coffee during coffee hours
  • Tent Camping (See Details Below)
  • Number Plate
  • Wrist Band
  • Private Trails all Saturday (Customized as never before)
  • Private Night Rides
  • And more..  

Wristband Pickup:

  • Pavillion Across from Boyscout Camping Area
  • Signed camping agreements (Markham Park Required)
  • Markham pass required


    Primitive camping in The Preserve at Markham Park.  This is an open space and is first come first serve. Please be courteous.  ie, no loud a** generators please!  

    Also, we need to observe Markhams Primitive Camping rules and regulations. 


    1. Markham riders pass
    2. Signed camping agreement